Wushu Xing Yi Quan

Wushu Xing Yi Quan

Xing yi quan (lit: "Form/Intention Boxing" or "Shape/Will Boxing") is the most aggressive of the 3 major internal wushu styles. In xingyiquan (or short: "Xing Yi") you use coordinated movements to generate bursts of power in order to overwhelm your opponent. What's typical about wushu xingyi is that every attack comes with a synchronized defense technique. Movements are short but extremely fast.

Description: Wushu Xing Yi Quan

  • Xingyiquan involves many shocking aggressive attacks.
  • Efficiency and quality of movements are very important in xingyiquan forms. Hits are direct and no energy is wasted - Body - one unit.
  • Torso stays vertical during almost all xingyi techniques.

Trainer advice: Wushu Xing Yi Quan

  • Spear artists are more likely to unterstand the mechnics of xingyiquan fast.