This is something I wanted to do for a long, long time. After 4 years at a wushu school in China and over 20 years of martial arts, fitness and "gymnastics" experience, I finally turned all my passions into on big project. I always loved working with computers, visual effects, cameras and of course movies. I even enjoy programing and code everything on Flash Mavi myself. For years I've been working on animated instructions, used 3D animation software and filmed other martial artists in Asia. But I always kept training hard like if I was going to some big competition, except, I never really planned to go. If wushu would have gone Olympic this might have been a different story though :)

In 2014 I realized that it was time to take it a notch up, or maybe two. It was time to start producing professional videos with professional equipment. The gear was expensive and the piggy bank was ready to be fired up. But this time I was going to do it right. And the good thing was that my wife Veronica was ALL-IN!

Like two sponges we started soaking up information about cinema-cameras, lenses, lighting, short films and color grading, etc. This time we would appear in all our videos and whoever was NOT in the video would direct it. After all, we know best what we want. Mid 2015 we got our URSA cinema camera and immediately shot a few practice videos. Sometimes we need help filming, but we try to keep people on set to a minimum so we can take full control. At the end of the year we published our first two videos.

We still have a lot to learn. Especially when it comes to screen writing, combining the short films better into the instructions and of course acting. But what's most important is that we enjoy every second of it.

If you are interested in behind the scenes and extras, check out our pattern page:

Short Bio: Born in Graz, Austria. Started martial arts and weight training in 1991. 4 years at (Higher School for Mechanical Engineering) and dropped out to visit Song Jiang Wushu School in China from 1999 to 2002. Military service in 2002. Wrote a book in 2004 (4 Jahre - In German). Languages Spoken: German, English, Chinese, Spanish. (php, javascript, actionscript, and a few more)

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