Wushu Whip Chain

Wushu Whip Chain

The whip chain (jiu jie bian - nine section whip) is a traditional flexible wushu weapon style. The nine sections are made of steel and flags are attached to the ends. There is also a double wushu whip chain style (shuang bian) and a style where one hand controls a whip chain and the other hand uses a broadsword.

Style Description

  • Wushu whip chain techniques are very smooth, fast and close to the body.
  • Length of the whip: From the elbow to the floor.
  • A good whip chain is made of stainless steel and the sections are very smooth, so that the chain doesn't rasp your skin when you wind it around your neck. More advanced performers usually use a heavier whip chains.
  • Be careful with your whip when you are learning new skills.
  • Hold the handle of you whip chain in your right hand.


  • Start with the empty swing and then try the front swing.
  • At the beginning you can use a rope with a tennis ball attached to it. This way you can't hurt yourself when you try new skills.
  • Most people use a nine section whip, but of you are shorter or taller you can also use an eight or 10 section whip. Just add or take out one section.