Traditional Wushu Weapons

Traditional wushu weapon forms are one of the most interesting things in Chinese martial arts. Everybody can learn them becasue they are usually not acrobatic or dangerous. Besides, traditional wushu weapon forms are fun. Find basic wushu instructions at the wushu main page.


  • The most popular and interesting wushu weapon styles are: Rope Dart (A 3 meter rope with a dart at its end) You swing it around and knot it over your body. Then you shoot the dart out somewhere and the whole knot opens up as the dart flies away from you. This is my personal favourite. The 3 sctional staff, The wip chain, the Nan Gun (southern style staff), the hammers, the pudao, etc etc etc.
  • Styles like the double broadsword or the double straightsword are also considered traditional wushu weapons.
  • There are also mixed weapon forms like Wip Chain Broadsword. In this style you have a whip chain in one hand and a broadsword in the other hand. It's quite difficult to coordinate these two, but as I said, everybody can laern traditional styles, because they dont emphaize on acrobatics.
  • I'm sure you have heard or seen the monkey style (Hou Quan). But did you ever see the wushu mokey staff style. And how about the drunken wushu monkey staff? These are very rare wushu styles, but very nice!
  • The nunchuck is not a traditional Chinese martial arts style. In fact, the nunchuck is not even wushu. Hundreds of years ago, 2-sectional staffs (nunchucks) were uses to thresh wheat. You should know the rest of the story from Bruse Lee's movies :)


  • Everybody can learn traditional wushu weapon forms. However, you will be able to learn and understand them faster if you have modern wushu background. Moder wushu will improve your coordination, fitness, flexibility and gneral martial arts understanding.