Wushu Rope Dart

Wushu Rope Dart

The rope dart (in Chinese: sheng biao / or / sheng bian) is a sharp metal dart, attached to a 15 inch long rope. In ancient times the dart was thrown at an enemy and and the rope was used to pull the dart back. But the wushu rope dart is also famous for hidden attacks, for example when it looks like its practitioner knots himself, and the dart suddenly flies towards the enemy. Find more about traditional wushu styles at wushu main.

General Style description: Wushu Rope Dart

  • Most of the rope is wrapped around the left hand.
  • The right hand is use to control the dart while the left hand releases or wraps the rope back up. Different skills require different rope lengths.
  • Rope dart training is fun and you don't have to know any wushu acrobatics.

Trainer advice: Wushu Rope Dart

  • Whip chain experience can be helpful for rope dart beginners.
  • If you are a beginner, attach a bag of sand or a tennis ball to the rope. You don't wanna hit yourself when you try your first tricks.