Wushu Pudao

Wushu Pudao

The Pudao is a long wooden stick with a big blade on its head. In ancient Chinese wars the wushu pudao was only used to attack the legs of the enemy's horses (horse cutter). But later a variety of techniques was developed and the pudao became one of wushu's most popular traditional weapons. In contemporary wushu forms, acrobatic jumps such as the butterfly twist are performed with the pudao. For more information about wushu, click here.

Description: Wushu Pudao

  • Typical pudao techniques involve wide swings and low slices to the legs.
  • The pudao weighs between 4 and 7 pounds.

Trainer advice: Wushu Pudao

  • Some staff and 3 sectional staff techniques are similar to wushu pudao techniques.