Learn Praying Mantis Wushu

Learn Praying Mantis Wushu

The Praying Mantis is one of the most popular traditional wushu styles. In Chinese, this style is called Tang Lang Quan (Tang Lang = 螳螂 = Mantis) and (Quan = 拳 = Fist). There are several northern and southern mantis styles. Among the most famous ones are Seven Star Praying Mantis Boxing and Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Boxing. Most praying mantis forms you will see nowadays are modern forms. Don't get me wrong, the praying mantis will always be a traditional wushu style, but modern forms are made for competitions and shows (e.g: The Shaolin Shows). The difference between modern and traditional forms is that modern forms are spiced up with more acrobatics. Athletes focus more on speed, acrobatics and how their movements look rather than fighting applications. That's why a lot of young athletes don't even know the applications for most of the mantis techniques they practice. Finding somebody who really knows and understands all the traditional techniques is very hard, even if you are looking for masters in China. Find more wushu styles at wushu main.

Style description

  • The movements of a praying mantis are imitated.
  • Originally there were only two jump kicks in this style. A praying mantis variation of the flying front kick and the butterfly kick. Later people added butterfly twists and now even flips.
  • The praying mantis style is famous for its fast hand and leg movements and for its low stances.


  • Learn the wushu basics before you start practicing the praying mantis style.