Wushu Monkey Staff

Wushu Monkey Staff

There is only one thing more dangerous then a monkey! A monkey with a staff! The Monkey Staff is a variation of the wushu monkey style, where the performer uses as stick for a playing fight. Other popular monkey style variations are drunken monkey, or aggressive monkey.

Description: Wushu Monkey Staff

  • Use a strong staff a bit longer than you are tall. The stick is used to fight, climb on it, jump from it and play around with it.
  • The Monkey sometimes leaves the staff on the floor to perform freehand monkey style techniques.
  • The staff used in the monkey staff style is usually a strong metal pipe and not a wooden stick. That's because the wooden stick might break when you climb or jump on it. However, small kids sometimes use a wooden stick because they are light enough.

Trainer advice: Wushu Monkey Staff

  • Learn staff and monkey style first. Ditang techniques can also be helpful.