Wushu Split Kick

Wushu Split Kick

The split kick is an acrobatic wushu kick where you jump from both legs at the same time, spread your legs, and then land on both legs. This jump kick is typical for the wushu eagle style (Ying Quan). There are also a few variations of the split kick. For example the split kick 360 (with a full rotation). In this lesson you will learn how to do the split kick for the wushu style: Eagle Claw. Find more traditional wushu styles at wushu main and videos in the wushu video section.

Description: Wushu Split Kick

  • Jump up from both legs and swing up your arms (swing your arms up overhead)
  • Then kick up your feet and swing your hands down at the same time. Now the hands should be below hip level and the feet should be above hip level. Try to finish this movement before mid-air.
  • Bring down your feet as fast as you can and keep balance with your arms. (move your hands slightly up)
  • Try to land as soft as possible - On the balls of your feet.

Trainer advice: Wushu Split Kick

  • At the beginning the split kick is easier if you roll over your whole foot before you jump off. This way you can also go lower (bend your knees a little) so that you can use more of your leg strength. However, later you should try to bounce off from the balls of your feet.
  • The split kick is easier if you kick your legs up with bent knees and then extend your legs in mid-air, but the correct form is kicking the legs with straight knees. Either way the knees have to be fully extended at the highest point of the jump.
  • Stretch your Scissor Split.
  • Increase you vertical leap with " title="Plyometrics and Reactive Strength"> plyometrics.