Double Whip Chain - Wushu

Double Whip Chain - Wushu

The double whip chain (shuang bian) is a traditional wushu weaopn style and its techniques come from the regular whip chain style. There is also a style where one hand plays the wushu whip chain and the other hand the broadsword. Find more wushu styles at wushu main.

Description: Double Whip Chain - Wushu

  • Double whip chain techniques are very smooth and fast.
  • Acrobatics with 2 whip chains are not very often seen. Double broadsword flips on the other hand are pretty common.

Trainer advice: Double Whip Chain - Wushu

  • Start with the basic double whip chain exercises.
  • Of course you should know regular whip chain techniques and forms first.