Wushu Front Flip Back Crash

Wushu Front Flip Back Crash

This is a very typical Wushu Ditang Technique (Flying and Falling), and is also a very popular fighting stunt. In wushu this technique is usually combined with a wushu kip up. Its technically a 3/4 front flip, where you land on your toes, then slip and block the motion with forearms and hands. The shorter the time period between leg and forearm contact, the tougher it looks. Once you have it down, its very easy to land. Even on concrete.

Description: Wushu Front Flip Back Crash

  • Front flip technique, see front flip lesson.
  • Open up arms to slow down the rotation and land on your toes at first. (NOT heels)
  • Then let your feet slip forward and put down your forearms and your hands together.
  • Then the upper back. (Make sure your hands are spread out far enough) If your hands are too close to your hips, you might injure your shoulder blades when you land on your upper back.
  • Head, butt and lower back never touch the ground.

Trainer advice: Wushu Front Flip Back Crash

  • Learn this with a trampoline and very thick landing mats, or a springboard and a sand pit.
  • You can learn this before or after the front flip. It's Technical about the same.