Ba Gua Zhang - Wushu

Ba Gua Zhang - Wushu

Ba gua zhang is one of the major internal Chinese martial arts styles. 2 other very famous internal wushu styles are Taiji and XingYi. "Ba" stands for 8, "Gua" for trigram and zhang for open hand form. Find more wushu styles at wushu main.

Description: Ba Gua Zhang - Wushu

  • The movements in ba gua zahng usually refer to 8 different animals: Lion, Snake, Bear, Dragon, Phoenix, Rooster; Qilin and Monkey
  • The forms of ba gua zhang speed up and slow down very often.
  • Movements are very smooth and there are circle movements everywhere.
  • Steps often slide forward in a low stance and arms protect both sides.
  • There are no straightened palms or closed tight fists.
  • There are no acrobatic jumps, but throws, low kicks and punches in ba gua zhang.

Trainer advice: Ba Gua Zhang - Wushu

  • Learn the bagua circle step at first and then go to more advanced techniques. The circle step is when you walk in a circle, look to its mid and protect the inside at the same time. Low stance and sliding steps.