3 - Sectional Staff / Wushu

3 - Sectional Staff / Wushu

The 3 sectional staff is a traditional Chinese wushu weapon, designed to defense against spears and other log weapons. It's biggest advatage of the 3 sectional staff was, that with this wushu weapon, soldiers were able to protect themselves with a shield and strike at the same time.

General style description: 3 - Sectional Staff / Wushu

  • The 3 Sectional Staff is made of 3 pieces of wood, conected with chains (similar to nunckakus). The length of the 3 pieces toether is as long as a normal wushu staff (gun).
  • The 3 sectional staff techniques involve a lot of swinging techniques, similar to regular staff techniques.

Trainer advice: 3 - Sectional Staff / Wushu

  • Learn the basic 3 sectional staff techniques first.
  • Knowing wushu staff techniques helps