Wushu Rest Stance

Wushu Rest Stance

The rest stance (xie bu) is one of the 5 basic wushu stances. This instruction shows how to do the rest stance in the modern wushu styles: Longfist, Bradsword, Straightsword, Staff and Spear. In more traditional wushu styles like Nanquan, Taiji, Bagua etc, the rest stance is performed slightly different. Find more wushu lessons at wushu main.


  • Sit down with one knee under the other. The heel of the leg whichs knee is under the other is off the ground. Its knee can touch the floor slightly but should not be rested on.
  • The upper body is kept vertical and the back is totally extended. Don't crouch down at all.
  • Keep your head up and look horizontal over your shoulder. If the left knee is under the right knee, look over your left shoulder. If your right knee is under the left knee, look over your right shoulder.
  • Put your fists on your hips and keep your upper arms parallel. The shoulders are kept low and pulled slightly back.


  • Learn the 5 stances form (wushu wu bu quan).
  • Use the rest stance to stretch your glutes.