Wushu Horse Stance

Wushu Horse Stance

The horse stance (in Chinese: ma bu) is one of the 5 basic wushu stances. In this lesson you will learn how to do the horse stance in modern wushu styles such as Longfist, Bradsword, Straightsword, Staff and Spear. In some traditional wushu styles: Nanquan, Taiji, Bagua etc., the horse stance is performed slightly different. Find more wushu instructions at wushu main.


  • Stand with your feet about 3 shoe sizes (or 2 shoulder widths) apart and
    keep your feet parallel.
  • Sit down like if you would sit on a horse so that your thighs are horizontal.
  • The knees should not be forced inwards or outwards. (see illustration above)
  • Keep your upper body straight and pretty vertical. Don't lean forward too much.
  • Look straight forward. (view: horizontal)
  • Keep your shoulders low and pulled slightly back. Fists on the hips. Upper arms parallel.


  • Learn the 5 stances form (wushu wu bu quan).
  • Try to hold the horse stance for 30 seconds. Keep practicing until you can stay in a horse stance for 3 minutes. Some practicioners of traditional wushu styles can hold the horse stance for 30 minutes and more.
  • Practice the horse stance in front of a mirror.