Flat Stance - Wushu

Flat Stance - Wushu

The flat stance (pu bu) is one of the 5 basic wushu stances. In this lesson you will learn how to do the flat stance in modern wushu: Longfist, Bradsword, Straightsword, Staff and Spear. In some traditional wushu styles like Nanquan, Taiji, Bagua etc., the flat stance is performed differently. Find more wushu instructions at wushu main.


  • The feet are parallel and approximately 3 shoe sizes (2 shoulder widths) apart. Keeping the feet parallel is the trickiest part of the flat stance and requires some ankle flexibility.
  • Go down on one leg until your hips are below hip level and extend the other leg totally.
  • The spine has to be straightened.
  • Try to keep your upper body pretty vertical (you will lean forward a bit automatically) and don't crouch down at all.
  • Keep your head straight up and look straight forward over your front leg.
  • Put your fists on your hips and keep your upper arms parallel. The shoulders are kept low and pulled slightly back.


  • Learn the 5 stances form (wushu wu bu quan).
  • Practice the flat stance with the edge off the front foot on a wall, so that your feet stay parallel.
  • Try to grab the ankle of your front leg with both hands. Later try to grab your ankles with crossed arms. (back arm grabs font ankle - front arm grabs back ankle)