Wushu Bow Stance

Wushu Bow Stance

The bow stance (in Chinese: gong bu) is one of the 5 basic wushu stances. This instruction shows how the bow stance is done in the modern wushu styles: Longfist, Bradsword, Straightsword, Staff and Spear. In other some traditional styles like Nanquan, Taiji, Bagua etc. the bow stance is performed differently. Find more wushu lessons at wushu main.


  • Your feet are in one line and a bit more than 3 shoe sizes apart. The front foot points straight forward and the back foot is twisted away about 45 degrees. Both heels have to stay on the floor.
  • The back leg is totally extended and the front leg is bent 90 degrees, so that the lower leg is vertical and the thigh is horizontal.
  • Don't extend your hips.
  • Keep your upper body upright, head high and shoulders low & slightly pulled back. Look straight forward. (view: horizontal)


  • Learn the 5 stances form (wushu wu bu quan).
  • Try to hold the bow stance for 30 seconds. Keep practicing until you can stay in a bow stance for 3 minutes. Some practicioners of traditional styles can hold the bow stance for 30 minutes and more.
  • Practice the bow stance in front of a mirror.