Wushu Staff

Wushu Staff

The staff "Gun Shu" is a weapon of modern wushu, but there are also traditional staff styles like southern staff or the monkey staff. Athletes who practice the staff, usually also do broadsword. Since 2001 these two wushu disciplines are mainly performed by men. Because wushu was supposed to become an olympic event by 2008, the international wushu committee said that women will have compete in straightsword, spear and taiji, and men will have to compete in broadsword, staff and nanquan. The reason for this decision was that broadsword and staff forms have rude movements and require a bulkier wushu performer. Straightsword and Spear on the other hand, require more flexibility and involve a lot of round movements. Most female wushu athletes always prefered spear and straightsword anyway.

Style Description

  • The (gun) staff is a wooden stick almost as tall as you (floor to fyes).
  • Movements are aggressive and kinda rude, but there are also also soft and slow movements in most wushu staff forms
  • Acrobatic Jumps like the wushu butterfly twist 720 to splits should be performed with the staff in your hands. Well, only in modern wushu staff forms.


  • Learn The wushu basics and the jumps before you start learning staff techniques.
  • The front twirl is one of the first staff techniques you should learn.