Wushu Rules

In this section you will learn about the rules and scoring in modern wushu competitions. Your goal is to reach 10 points. For every mistake, bad form, wrong landing, points are deducted from your total score. In order to be able to get closer to the perfect 10, you will have to perform difficulties such as the butterfly twist, wushu whirlwind kick etc. For detailed instructions on how to perform single wushu techniques/difficulties, go back to wushu main. For video tutorials, please check out the wushu video section.

Difficulty Tables

  • The Wushu Carpet
  • Judges
  • Wushu Jumps
  • Combining Jumps
  • Freestyle Forms

  • Chang Quan
  • Hard Weapons
  • Soft Weapons
  • Nan Quan
  • Tai Ji


  • When you combine 2 difficulties in a wushu freestyle form, the higher scoring technique should always be the last one. For example: Wushu whirlwind kick 540 followed by a b-twist 720 with split landing.
  • Points are deducted if your form is too long or too short.