Wushu Toe Fist Kick

Wushu Toe Fist Kick

The toe fist kick is one of the most basic wushu kicks. However, most wushu practitioners don't practice it every day. In Chinese this kick is called "Tan Ti". Tanti is a horizontal wushu kick with a synchronous punch. Punch with your left hand when you kick with your right leg and the other way around. For more wushu kicks, go back to wushu main.


  • Beginning position: Stand straight with legs closed and let your arms hang down on your sides. Look straight forward.
  • Make a fast, short step to your right, like if you were doing a small horse stance. Pull your right fist to your right hip and put your left palm in front of your right shoulder. The fingers of your left hand have to point up. Also turn your head and look down 45° (to the right). Inhale at the same time.
  • Then turn your head forward again a and punch with your right fist. Exhale at the same time and extend your left leg so that only tip of your shoe touches the floor. Pull your left fist to your left hip.

  • The wushu toe fist kick: Step forward with your left foot (heel first) and kick with the right foot (ankle fully extended - toes point straight forward). Lift your knee first and then extend your leg. At the same time, punch with your left fist.
  • Keep looking straight forward and exhale as you kick/punch.
  • Hold the end position for a short moment and then let your foot fall slowly.
  • Step forward with your right foot and to a wushu toe fist kick with your left leg.


  • Kick and punch horizontally.
  • By holding each kick for a few seconds, you can improve your hip strength.
  • Do 8 kicks in a row. 4 left kicks and 4 right kicks.
  • The toe fist kick should be part of your wushu warm up routine.