Wushu Outside Circle Kick

Wushu Outside Circle Kick

The outside circle kick is one of the most basic wushu kicks. In Chinese (Mandarin) this is called: "Wai Bai Tui". From a standing position with your legs closed and the arms extended sideways, swing one leg inside-up and slap your foot through both hands (close to your face). The down-motion should be accelerated. Keep your upper body motionless. Only the kicking leg and and the hands move. Practice the outside circle kick in every wushu training session. Find more wushu lessons at wushu main.


  • The straight wushu stretchkick, the inside circle kick and the outside circle kick start the same way. Stand upright with your legs closed and your hands on your sides.
  • Step forward with your left leg and lift your straightened arms while looking to your right. You kinda lift your wrists let hands follow (see video).
  • Follow with your right foot so that your legs are closed again, look straight forward again and whip your palms up. Now your arms should be horizontally aligned and your palms should be behind chest level (when viewed from the side). Both palms point away from your body. That´s how the 3 most basic wushu kicks begin.
  • Step forward with your left leg and and swing your right leg inside-up in front of your face. When you have your foot in front of your head, slap your foot through your left palm and then through your right palm. When you kick the right leg, your finger tips have to point to the right (where the kick is going).
  • Immediately open your arms again and bring your hands back to its place. At the same time, pull your kicking leg back down to the floor.
  • Make sure u never bend your back.
  • Also, make sure you move your leg down faster than up. DON'T elevate your hip with the kick!!!
  • Step forward onto the heel and then kick with the other leg (the same thing the other way around).


  • Warm up and stretch before you start working on the wushu kicks and jumps.
  • Stretch your splits and the flat stance.
  • Do a couple of outside circle kicks before you start working on the wushu lotus kick.
  • Avoid this kick if you are having hip problems.