Wushu Front Stretch Kick

Wushu Front Stretch Kick

In this lesson you will learn how to do a proper wushu front stretch kick. In Chinese Mandarin this kick is called "Zheng Ti" (Zheng = Straight, Ti = Kick). The front stretch kick is the most basic wushu kick and should be practiced in every single training session. Make sure you always warm up and stretch before you practice the basic kicks and jumps. The front stretch kick should be the first kick in your wushu kicking routine. Do at least 2x8 kicks and then practice the inside circle kick. Find more wushu basics at the wushu main page.


  • Stand with your legs closed and look straight forward.
  • Step forward with your left leg, open your arms and look to your right hand. Relax your wrists so that your hands point slightly down.
  • Then follow with the right leg, bend your elbows, flip your palms and push your hands out in a straight line. Turn your head forward again at the same time. Your legs are now closed again, your elbows are extended and your arms are slightly above horizontal level and behind the head. You are now ready for your first wushu front stretchkick.
  • Step forward with the left leg again and kick your right leg.
  • Kick your right foot to your forehead without moving the upper body. The hands have to stay where they are and the head should not move at all. Keep the heel of the standing leg on the floor and fully extend both knees.
  • Kick as low as possible. Don't try to kick high! Fully flex the ankle of the kicking leg and try to see the sole of your shoe at the highest point. Both knees are fully extended.
  • Pull the kicking leg back down even faster than you kicked it up.
  • Relax the ankle shortly before the tip of your shoe touches the ground again. BTW, some schools teach to close the legs after every kick.
  • Then step forward with the same leg and kick with the other leg.
  • Do 4 kicks with the right leg and 4 kicks with the left leg. Then rest a minute and repeat.


  • If you are not flexible enough to kick all the way up, simply don't kick that high. Just make sure you keep your upper body still, don't bend your knees and flex your ankle.
  • Click here, if you think your legs are too long for the wushu front stretchkick.
  • Always warm up and stretch before you practice the basic kicks.
  • There are special stretches to increase flexibility for the wushu front stretchkick.
  • What you should not do:
    • Don't bend your knees
    • Don't elevate the heel of the standing leg
    • Don't bend your elbows.
    • Don't move your hands forward or down when you kick.
    • Don't lean back.
    • Don't round your back.
    • Don't kick over head height.
    • Don't extend the ankle of the kicking leg when the foot is in front of your head
    • Don't elevate your hips
    • Don't look up or down