Wushu Back Sweep

Wushu Back Sweep

In this lesson you will learn how to do a wushu back sweep. In Chinese (Mandarin): "Hou Sao" The back sweep is a basic wushu leg technique and should be practiced in every training session. There are two different wushu sweeps; the front sweep and the back sweep. The Back sweep starts and ends in a wushu bow stance. The rotation is 360°. The hands are allowed to touch the ground. Make sure you know the 5 basic stances before you learn the wushu back sweep.


  • Start from a wushu bow stance, left leg forward, both hands extended in front of your chest. Arms parallel, elbows straightened, palms point forward and finger tips up.
  • Go into a low flat stance (wushu pu bu) and move both hands towards the right knee.
  • This builds up a tension in your torso, which will be used to initiate the sweep. Touch the floor with your hands (under your right knee) and release the tension from your torso in order to sweep clockwise.
  • To stop the rotation after 360°, put pressure on your sweeping leg and go into a bow stance.
  • The left palm points straight forward and the right hand is extended behind the back.(crane)


  • Stretch your wushu bow stance and your wushu flat stance.
  • Stand up from a left flat stance without using your hands and without putting any pressure on the extended leg. This will help improve your balance.