Wushu Whirlwind Kick

Wushu Whirlwind Kick

The wushu whirlwind kick is also known as inside spinkick, tornado kick or (in Chinese): "Xuan Feng Jiao" This jump is a very typical wushu technique and should be learn after the flying wushu frontkick and the sometimes the wushu cartwheel without hands. The whirlwind kick is jumped from the right leg. It follows a 360° rotation with an inside circle kick in the air, after which the technique is landed on the rigth leg. (Note that jump, landing and kick are done with the same leg), A whirlwind kick can also be done with 2 full rotations. Find more wushu jumps/kicks at wushu main.


  • The run up for the wushu whirlwind kick is the same as for the flying frontkick, only that the arm position at the beginning is slightly different. However, I'll explain it once more. Stand on your right foot while your left toe touches the floor about one ft in front of your right toe.
  • Look to your left side (chin over your left shoulder), have your right fist at your hip and your left palm straight to your left. (That´s where you are looking at and where you are gonna run)
  • Lift your right arm, while your left leg makes a big step to your left. (= >forward)
  • Step right. (Left arm and palm still point forward)
  • Then step left again, make a hop and let your arm fall into earchother. The right arm falls over the left arm, both arms go down and denn straighten again. (Left arm horizontal, right on a few degrees higher) That´s a bit confusing, so watch the video. At the same time the left broadside of your right foot touches the heel of your left foot.
  • Land on your right foot, make a step with your left leg, and then jump from your right. To initiate the counter clockwise rotation for the wushu whirwind kick, plant your last step twisted to the left. (counter clockwise)
  • As you jump off, swing your left arm straight up and keep your upper body aligned vertically. Don't look down to the floor and don't swing your arms horizontally.
  • Swing your left leg up first and don't bend the knee too early. If you swing the left leg properly, you will be able to jump a lot higher.
  • Do a wushu inside circle kick in mid-air and make sure you pull your kicking leg back down really really fast. After all, you wanna land on the same leg.
  • At this point you can bend your left leg or keep it straight. When you keep your left leg stigh, it's easier to add extra rotations. Of you bend it, your jump will look higher.
  • Land after 360° on your RIGHT foot. Your torso should be upright when you jump of, upright in the air and also upright when you land.
  • If you wanna twist more than 360°, just pull your hands together and close your legs as fast as possible. For a 720 you should kick before you reach the highest point of the jump.


  • Use a reuther spring board to jump into a sand pit (see save wushu jumps).
  • Keep your upper body aligned vertically.
  • Stretch stretch stretch.
  • Watch the instructional videos for the wushu whirlwing kick and its combinations.
  • Improve your vertical leap for the wushu whirlwind kick with Frog Jumps