Wushu Lotus Kick

Wushu Lotus Kick

The lotus kick is also known as outside spinkick, split spinkick or (in Chinese): "Teng Kong Bai Lian " This jump is very typical for Chinese wushu, and can be learn after the flying frontkick or the wushu whirlwind kick. The lotus kick is jumped from the right leg. You basically do an outside circle kick in the air and then land on both legs at the same time or on the right leg slightly before the left leg. Note: Jump, landing and kick are done with the same leg). The wushu lotus kick can also be done with 2 full rotations, but you won't see this very often. Find more wushu skills at wushu main.


  • The lotus kick run up: First off, you have to know that the runup for the wushu lotus kick is a clockwise spiral-run. Stand on your right leg and touch the gound with the toe of your left foot in front. The left palm points straight forward and the right crane back. The back hand is a bit higher then shoulder level and the fron thand is a bit lower.
  • Make a big step with your left leg and then a step forward with your right leg.
  • Then make a hop on your right leg, left your lef knee and extend your arms. The left arm points back and the right arm point up. Look to your left hand as you hop.
  • Land on your right leg, step forward with the left and then jump off your right leg. Run in a circle to the right.

  • The wushu lotus kick itsself is similar to the flying frontkick. Throw up your arms and your left leg (extended).
  • Then do an outside circle kick in mid-air.
  • As you kick in the middle of your jump , you can either bend your left leg or extended it and lift it as high as possible, so that it looks like a turning split kick in ballett.
  • After the kick, pull your legs together and close your arms as fast as possible. Land on both legs at the same time. No problem if you land on your right leg first, but landing on the left leg first is wrong.


  • Stretch your splits before you start practicing the wushu kicks and jumps.
  • Learn the standing wushu lotus kick first. (without runup - jumping from both feet together)
  • Jump into a sand pit over a spring board or a bump.
  • When you first learn the lotos kick, use the same exercises as for the flying frontkick. It's all about swinging the leg up properly.
  • Make sure you twist 360°. At the beginning you can try the spin this without kick.
  • Do frog jumps to build jumping strength for the lotus kick.