Flying Wushu Cross-Leg Kick

Flying Cross-Leg Kick - Wushu

In this lesson you will learn how to do a flying cross-leg kick in wushu. This jump kick is often seen in traditional wushu styles like ditangquan and sometimes nanquan. Before you try the flying cross-leg kick, you should know how to do a wushu whirlwind kick and some basic wushu ditang techniques (falls). There are 360, 450 and 720 variations of this jump. For more wushu skills, check out wushu main.


  • Jump off like if you were doing a wushu whirlwind kick, but lean forward a bit more.
  • You don't have to slap your hand now, but at the beginning it's easier if you just do this like a whirlwind kick where you land on your side.
  • Straighten your body and align your torso with your kicking leg.
  • Land on all four (hands and feet) like illustrated above. The right foot can actually touch the floor a little bit earlier then slip away. Make sure your left knee doesn't touch the floor first. The left forearm should be flat on the floor and the right hand close to your left hand.
  • Look straight forward (over your legs).


  • In Chinese Mandarin, this wushu kick is called "Teng Kong Pan Tui" (TKPT).
  • Before you learn the flying cross-leg kick 360, you should be able to do the wushu whirlwind (tornado) kick.
  • if you are scared of landing on your side at the beginning, just do a normal tornado kick, land on your right foot and then let yourself fall.
  • Beginners should jump into a sand pit, gymnastics landing mats or at least use knee and elbow protections. BTW, you can use knee and elbow pads under your wushu uniform.
  • You can use frog jumps to build jumping strength for the flying cross legs kick.
  • Be careful with the 540. Don't fall on your shoulder blade.