Wushu Broadsword - Dao Shu

Wushu Broadsword - Dao Shu

The broadsword is one of the 4 most important wushu weapons, because it is a modern discipline. The Chinese word for broadsword is "Dao", and when you talk about the wushu broadsword discipline, you say "Dao Shu" (Shu stands for art). Until 2002 the broadsword was practiced by both, men and women. But since the IWUF (International Wushu Federation) wants wushu taolu (forms) to become an olympic event, the broadsword is now only practiced by men. BTW, if you learn wushu broadsword, you should also learn staff (gunshu). These two wushu styles go hand in hand. Before you start working on weapon forms, you should know all the basic hand-forms, kicks and jumps. For more wushu, check out wushu main.

Style Description

  • Since 2002, the broadsword is only practiced by men. Before that, the broadsword was a discipline/style for bulky/strong athletes. The staff requires the same kind of strength/physique. That's why everybody how does broadsword, also does staff.
  • Broadsword techniques are quick, straight, rude and graceful at the same time.
  • Acrobatic jumps are involved in modern broadsword forms. Eg: Wushu butterfly twist, whirlwind kick 720, aerial twists, etc.
  • The Chinese term for modern freestyle broadsword form is "Zi Xuan Dao"


  • The blade of your broadsword should be as long as your extended arm.
  • Make sure the handle of your sword is as heavy as your blade. Broadswords with light handles are hard to control.
  • The first jump you should learn with your broadsword is the flying wushu frontkick.
  • Work on your freestyle broadsword form at least 3 times a week.