What is Wushu ?

Wushu is the Chinese martial art, also known as "Kung Fu". The word Kung Fu is actually a misinterpretation and only means skill = "gong fu". In the 60th, when wushu reached Hollywood, Chinese martial artists, Bruce Lee & Co, spread wushu as Chinese skill. In other words, imagine chef Jamie Oliver spreading his way of cooking as "BRITISH SKILL", until every non-english speaking person on the planet thinks that the word "SKILL" actually means cooking. At the wushu main page you can fina basic wushu instructions.

Typical About Wushu

  • Stretchkicks. Very fast, straight flashy kicks to the forehead.
  • Everything you see in the shaolin kung fu show.
  • Cartwheels without hands.
  • Butterfly twists.
  • Spin and double spin kicks with split landings
  • Very quick sweeps with 2 rotations.

Wushu Personalities

  • Bruce Lee, (Li Xiao Long) - Sanda, Jeet Kune Do
  • Jet Li, (Li Lian Jie) - Wushu Taolu
  • Jackie Chan (Cheng Long) - Peking Opera Specialist
  • Samo Hung (Hong Jin Bao) - Peking Opera
  • The Shoalin monks (Not the real monks - only the Shoalin Performance Team)