Learn Sanda

Sanda (Sanshou - Chinese Kickboxing)

In this section you will learn sanda kicks, punches and throws. Sanda (散打) is in particular a Chinese combat sport very similar to Muay Thai (Thaiboxing) and is also know as Sanshou. The term Sanda has a longer history, while the term Sanshou was invented when the Chinese government formalized the sport. Sanda means: "free fighting" (not MMA free fighting) while Sanshou means "free hand". The term Sanda is the more popular one. Punches, kicks and throws are allowed. Knee, elbow and head strikes are not allowed. Some differences between Sanda and Muay Thai are that in Sanda there are no ropes surrounding the ring and elbows are not allowed in the Chinese fighting art. Another difference is, that in Muay Thai the hands are held much higher, because attacks below hip level are always blocked with the shing. The animated tutorials are not up to date, (there are just a few test animations) but you can find detailed sanda instrutions in the sanda video channel.

Trainer advice: Sanda

  • Learn Throws (Take Shuai Jiao or Judo lessons)
  • Do strength, plzometrics and endurance training.