How We Work

It doesn’t take a large team or a lot of money to create something great. All you need are a few highly motivated individuals who know how to make the most of every investment, a skill we've developed by funding our own projects. While our core team is just the two of us, we sometimes bring in additional talent for specific projects.

We consistently set ambitious targets that surpass our current capabilities and financial resources. This deliberate approach transforms each project into an intensive learning experience, propelling us to redefine what we perceive as achievable. However, this strategy hinges on our willingness to invest our own time to ensure exceptional quality.

While we often find ourselves front and center, it's not just about budget considerations. We have a genuine appreciation for the art of acting, which we believe is essential for effective writing, directing and even editing. It's not just a necessity; it's the most interesting aspect of the process. Who wouldn't want to immerse themselves in the thrill of bringing characters to life? While there are tasks we're eager to delegate, we'll do so in a way that preserves the joy and creativity inherent in the acting process, ensuring every production is infused with passion and excitement.

In summary, we thrives on innovation and resourcefulness. We're committed to delivering exceptional results, driven by a passion for our craft and an unwavering determination to exceed expectations.