Martin Vidic

Raised by cinema-loving goats in the depths of the Austrian Alps, he nurtured a masochistic dream of being tortured at a Kung Fu School in China. So, he secretly learned Chinese, dropped out of engineering school and embarked on a hitchhiking journey across Asia, where he eventually found himself at the gates of the Song Jiang Wushu school in the paradise of Shan Dong. 4 years flew by in the blink of an eye.

However, when the Austrian military caught wind that one of their own had departed the Austrian Reich to hone his combat skills in China, they swiftly ordered his return to harness his supernatural abilities. Yet, their plans faltered. Sent on a solo mission to protect the entire Austrian border alone, he welcomed thousands of immigrants, for which he was blamed for allegedly crushing the economy.

As he faced the end of his military career and got fed up with his commanding cheeseheads, he decided to pen a book chronicling his escapades in China, intending to inspire thousands of Austrians to pilgrimage to China. But the book flopped. The problem? During his travels, he forgot most of his German, and he never learned proper Chinese. So, nobody could understand his gibberish.

However, to promote his book, he started a website showcasing martial arts animations and videos. Surprisingly, it gained popularity, particularly among those who, like him, were not literate. It was just easier to use moving pictures to convey his ideas. Yet, most fans hailed from peculiar corners of the world, where people spoke unfamiliar languages.

Betraying his homeland yet again, he secretly married a foreign woman and started traveling the world while freelancing, creating animations and videos, and learning those strange languages of the places he visited. At some point, they decided to get themselves a couple of cameras and a dog, and now you are confused...